Choose Your VIM Color Scheme With Color Sampler Pack

vimYou can easily change your vim color scheme by :colorscheme, but it can be hard to compare several schemes to decide what’s best for you. But the Vim Color Sampler Pack can help you to choose which color scheme is best for you. This package was put together simply to save others time in downloading the color schemes.

This package is simply to help people who want to try out a lot of color schemes. It is the top 100 rated color schemes on as of Jan 20th, 2010 that are are not “evil” (binding keys, changing fonts, etc) — zipped up in a single package. Every single theme was updated to its newest revision, and converted to unix formatted line endings.

Check out these screenshots before installing the color sampler pack.

Installing Vim Color Sampler Pack

Download the Color Sampler Pack From here. Simply unzip, and place the files in ~/.vim/plugin and ~/.vim/colors — it will unzip with correct dir structure, so you can just unzip to ~/.vim

The pack comes with an organized GUI menu, but no tool for console users. Console users can download the ScrollColor.vim plugin to walk through installed color schemes. Drop ScrollColors.vim into your plugin directory. Type :SCROLL and use arrow keys to walk through color schemes.

You can map two keys of your choice to NextColor and PrevColor actions. Choose pair of shortcut keys (for example and , or \n and \p) and map them as follows:

map <silent><f3> :NEXTCOLOR<cr>
map <silent><f2> :PREVCOLOR<cr>

Put the above maps in your ~/.vimrc

Happy coloring 🙂