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Recording and copying system configuration in Debian/Ubuntu

July 9th, 2010 1 comment

debianYou can make a local copy of the package and debconf selection states using dpkg and debconf-get-selections command. The debconf-get-selections command output the content of current debconf database.

You will require the “debconf-utils” packages to do that.

Install debconf-utils:

$ sudo aptitude install debconf-utils
$ sudo dpkg --get-selections '*' > selection.dpkg
$ sudo debconf-get-selections    > selection.debconf

Here, “*” makes “selection.dpkg” to include package entries for “purge” too.

You can transfer these 2 files to another computer, and install there with the following.

$ sudo dselect update
$ sudo debconf-set-selections < myselection.debconf
$ sudo dpkg --set-selections  < myselection.dpkg
$ sudo apt-get -u dselect-upgrade    # or dselect install

If you are thinking about managing many servers in a cluster with practically the same configuration, you should consider to use specialized package such as fai to manage the whole system.